Look at that girl Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal, what can be said about her? Recently spotted with Leonardo DiCaprio AGAIN! So its perfect timing to show why Leo possibly loves this girls charms.

Okay we get it … what else

Oh, starting to see more now …

Not sure it can get any better, i mean wow Nina

Oh it did, course it did, Sports Illustrated always manage to make it better.


We are a new website as of last month and our goal is to run the most kick ass blogg on the internet. Now thats school has finished I can jump straight into writing something to rival people like E! and TMZ.

Its going to be a long slug but I think we can create the best attitude possible and show everything about celebrity and we will be in for a job to disrupt the big boys no problem!

Lets do this!

Katy Perry spotted out with Bloom

During Day one of the California musicology celebration, which had a huge number of celebs, the blazing latest couple was spotted demonstrating some PDA while viewing a set by soul and punk team The Kills. Fans posted pictures of the two on Twitter and Instagram. 

Perry and Bloom on Friday night were likewise spotted watching Ellie Goulding’s set. Katy Perry and Bloom have kept so coolly about their sprouting relationship. despite the fact of a source reporting that they are couples

Another source reported that Katy Perry and bloom looked happy and seemed to be close to each other as they hung out with some individuals. In the interim, Miranda Kerr,Bloom’s ex, was spotted clasping hands with her playmate Evan Spiegel close to the polo fields. It is misty on the off chance that she and the performer connected at Coachella

Katy Perry and Bloom as of late travelled to Aspen, Colorado to join a huge number of different celebs at the launch of Napster prime supporter Sean’s Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy.

David Beckham Takes His Children for a Shopping Experience in Readiness for her Wife Birthday

It was a unique experience to spot David Beckham with his children Harper and Cruz at Bon Bon which is one of the famous clothing stores for kids in West Hollywood. 

That evening, he together with the kids celebrated their mom’s 42nd birthday. David Beckham who is now 40 never let down their kids as he went ahead and purchased the best clothing offers for them. The kids were busy trying to figure out what outfit was good for them. 

The shopping spree did go on in the absence of the wife, Victoria who was inside the car waiting for them. It was only the shop assistant together with him who helped the kids get the best clothing. 

It was fun to see how became was brilliant when it comes to picking fancy clothes for his daughter. Their son was dressed in a casual way just like dad while David Beckham killed it with his beanie hat. They did enjoy their family cuisines at Nobu after the shopping endeavor.